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Course: Healthy Self-love

Supervision Marc Wenselaers, Being oriented teacher


Healthy self love means love for yourself, wise self love that resonates with your enlightened nature.


Healthy Self-love cannot be taken for granted. The western lifestyle and the emotional deficits that you carry with you, our lack of basic confidence that we are welcome as we are, makes us nervous and over-alert. Without love we develop too little confidence and sense of belonging on a psychological level. We become tense, lose ground and seek fulfillment outside of ourselves. This tense attitude continues itself. This way you stay away from yourself. Healthy Self-love is therefore not a luxury but a necessity.

In the course Healthy Self-love you come in contact again with the closest thing, how it is now and who you are now. You step from the do mode to the Being mode. You learn to know your natural, loving nature. You soften and learn to place yourself in a loving light, through which you build up psychological health and well-being. This is a healthy, loving basis for finding appropriate answers in your life.

Working forms

Meditation, energy work, visualization and awareness exercises are work forms in this course.

The focus is on the physical-energetic experience of your Being nature and learning to rest in your basis.


For whom?

For people who want to learn to put "Healthy Self-Love" into practice. This course is for those who are familiar with Being orientation as well as for those who want to become acquainted with the physical-energetic and psychological work in Being orientation.



Practical points

Supervision: Marc Wenselaers, Being-oriented teacher and coach,

He has been working since 2001 with groups and individuals.

Where: At the GWWC in Borsbeek, Jozef Reusenslei 182

When: On Saturday mornings, 2 weekly, during 8 meetings of 3 hours:

Dates: 2-16 and 30 March, 27 April, 4 and 18 May and 8 and 22 June 2019

Duration: From 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Contribution: 320 euros, early booking discount 290 euros, if you transfer before 10 February 2019

Registration: mail to marc.wenselaers@telenet.be and transfer the payment to rek.nr.

BE45 7775 9222 5189 After your deposit, your registration is final.

Any more questions: via mail above or tel. 0478 217988