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Meditation for healing


Meditation exercise for balance in the blood ;


1/ Relaxation:

- Come into a soft and easy breathing

- Surround yourself  ,by doing this, with a pale-blue-warm light

- Make the connection with your hart

- Make the contact with your gides


2/ Bringing your attention to your body:

Go to your plexis solaris

Say the affirmation: “I AM SAFE IN MYSELF”

Go through and all  over your body in a deep contact-feeling with your body.


3/ Visualisation:

a) The tree: an ; oak

            -The oak grows in yourself

            -His roots  go deep into the earth

This is grounding: collect the earth energy and at the same time : let go : all the ballast, fatigue, uncertainty and fear.

            -The top of the tree and the branches are now wide and high in the sky

This is the expansion:  growing out and above of all what there is now  ;this is coming out of the present problems = the selfmanifestation.

b) Stimulation of the function = the revitalisation

            -The red and the white little men are living safer now in their environment and become stronger and they do duplicate themselves.

            - The body of officials responsible for order improves by beaming in into the whole body in optimal functions.


4/ The relaxation:

- Let go all the pictures you formed.

- Take a few deep breathes in and become calm.

-All the tensions you have, let them flow out of you , through your feet , into mother earth.

- Let the earth energy come into you through your feet and your tailbone.

-Harmonise your crown and your tailbone in one line.


Say 3 times ; I AM Healthy

                        I AM feeling Good

                        I AM Strong .





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